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helo. well,to be honest.... i don't know what to say about me or my journal. i can't find the right words to write. so, i'll just do this as i feel like it.
hmmm ...
i like chocolates lol but i haven't been eating it recently lol xD
im currently studying japanese :)
i used to have a fish, cat and dog..
i love listening to music. i mostly prefer listening to rock.
i knew about vkei but wasn't into it UNTIL!..this year!!! this would be because of my bestfriend :) so im so thankful to her! :D
i love the gazette!
and i've been listening to their new album DIM !!!
i luv it ! such a great album ! :)
alice nine and kagrra are also one of the bands im into :D
ahh what else ?
ow ! i wanna learn how to play bass guitar !
but sadly i haven't got the chance to.
however, im too determined to give up! so hopefully, i'll learn at the end of this school year :)
soo..i guess thats about it.
well not really.. but i dont know what else to say so yea..

pls be my friend! well if u just want to^^
baibai :)
computers, dvds, many more, music, vkei bands